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Offering a Jean Jansem lithograph of a seated Ballerina.  The limited edition print is number 36 of 120 and signed Jansem on the right hand bottom in pencil.  It’s a lovely composition in monochromatic colours. Circa 1970-1981

The condition of the print is, Fine.  It’s matted in a tasteful silvered frame, which measures approximately 23 1/2 x 27 1/2 inches.  The backing is untampered and displays the sticker of the Associated American Artists, which closed in 1981.  The New York AAA was run by Reeves Lewenthal.  Prints brought to market by the now defunct gallery, have become very desirable to art collectors, with prices steadily inclining.

Offered at $1300.- SOLD

Email: inquire@hartonginternational.com


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Being familiar with the French landscape designer, Patric Blanc, I’ve seen Parisian office buildings covered in swaths of textured and colourful foliage. The garden designs seem to defy the laws of gravity. Not only can a building have grounded gardens, rooftop gardens, but also vertical gardens. Truly remarkable to see.

The concept of vertical gardens, grown on walls has been taken to all new environments. A South American rain forest has been recreated on the New York condo walls of Michael Riley. As a director of the New York Horticultural Society, Mr. Riley has plenty of experience with tropical specimens, but he wasn’t satisfied with traditional pots and containers. He built a complex infrastructure or irrigation, drainage, containment and lighting on the walls of a typical New York flat.  Brilliant!

Thanks to the New York Times, you can read more about this gravity defying indoor garden.

For more about gardens in Chicago, visit Watercolour Gardens.

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Recycling has spawned a whole new way to think about furniture.  Secondhand elements are an increasingly smart and trendy way to tackle the problems of a throwaway society.  The things we tend to think of as garbage, are in fact able to be reshaped and turned into newly designed chairs, tables and etc..  It’s not just plastics but wood, paper and fabric too.  Click here for more from The Wall Street Journal.

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If you are looking for a contemporary kitchen design built with exceptional quality on a budget, the simplistic Bulthaup b1 line is for you.  Having refined taste doesn’t mean you need to have a limitless bank account. For those familiar with the design firm, Bulthaup was once reserved for households with high disposable incomes. b1 is a new design for 2008 and is geared towards a wider range of budgets without any sacrifice to the firms philosophy and design prowess.

Having seen much of the Bulthaup product range, there is a refinement of detail often not seen in other product designs. The drawers feel well engineered and glide nicely.  The materials work well to create a tight fit and finish, giving it a bespoke look and feel. The clean linear qualities are elegant and simple, like most of the Bulthaup design range. A white kitchen makes it blend into the architecture of the space, allowing for the furnishings to be as colourful as desired. It’s neutral looks make it suitable for many types of interiors. Here is a link to the Bulthaup website for more information.    

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