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Visit Hartong International for antiques, fine art and vintage items.  We sell unique handpicked items from both North America & Europe.  Every item we sell has been cleaned, preserved or carefully refurbished to retain originality.  We put an exceptional effort into offering items, which have been handled with a great deal of care.  At Hartong International, we have a passion for antiques, fine art & vintage items, so we only offer the best in service and go to great lengths in making sure you receive exactly what you see offered on our site.  Our attention to handling makes for a stress free shipping experience.  

We originally started our business in Kenilworth, Illinois.  In the spring of 2011, we moved the business to Massachusetts.  Indeed a wise move, as we have greater access to older antique furnishings, lovely original art and very interesting vintage items.  Along with the move, we expanded our business by acquiring a larger studio space, with more room for creating a complete collection.  We now have greater access to receiving shipments from Europe and all of New England to hunt for the items which our clients and customers desire.  

For a wider selection of our inventory, please visit our Etsy shop.  We put most of our smaller items on Etsy.  You will find many more vintage items within this shop.  

Coming soon to Hartong International, we will be partnered with Second Shout Out.  SSO is a New York City based site, dedicated to offering a vintage lifestyle, with anything from classic 1950s European cars to unique antique furnishings and vintage technology.  Please check the site often for updates.  It’s an exciting way to offer the best in taste and aesthetics from the past for modern living.

We sincerely look forward to serving you!

Please feel free to contact us, with any questions you may have.  If you happen to have a specific antique or vintage item you must have, but don’t see it on our site, email us with details. We frequent a lot of estate sales and have priceless contacts to other dealers in the USA and throughout Europe, so it’s likely we can find what you are looking for, if we don’t have it.  Our inventory is also much larger than what we have listed.  It’s taking us time to catalog and list every item.  Check our site often, as new acquisitions are listed every couple of weeks.

Email: inquire@hartonginternational.com, Tel. 847 630 3102, Site: www.hartonginternational.com


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In 1647, the famed English astrologer wrote, “Lilly’s Christian Astrology”. He was initially the favourite of King Charles I and provided very accurate information for the monarch. His writings brought about the foundation for modern astrology.  He translated traditional Latin astrology texts from the Middle Ages, into English.  He was rather revolutionary for his time and accurately predicted many occurrences.
After the first battle on the famous Oxfordshire bridge in Radcot, the 1st English Civil War began. William Lilly stayed loyal to the king, while sympathetic to Parliaments complaints. It’s claimed, William predicted the execution of King Charles I .  When the English Commonwealth was enacted by the Puritan lead Parliament, after the 2nd English Civil War, Lilly provided astrology services to many Members of Parliament. Lilly’s Christian Astrology is even dedicated to a very prominent member of Parliament, Bolstrod Whitlock, Esq.
William Lilly’s most famous prediction was the Great Fire of London, in 1666. He was brought before the House of Commons to give testimony, as he was considered a suspect. After several hearings, the case against William Lilly was dismissed.
During the Restoration under King Charles II, in 1660, Mr. Lilly fell out of favour. His support of the Republicans, during the English Commonwealth, doomed his political reach . He humbly retired to the Home County of Surrey and died in 1681.
Here are several links about William Lilly and the transitional period of history he graced.
Offering a 1st edition copy, printed in 1647. It’s in very complete condition, with several pages replaced in an old hand (handwritten in the 17th century). There is a signature on the dedication page, which I can’t make out. All pages are present and numbered. The binding and leather exterior are in Very Good condition for a book of 364 years old. The printed and handwritten pages are all in Very Good condition and easy to turn. There are some wormholes throughout the book. This is common with old books. Below are several photos of the book. More photos can be taken by request.
I’m offering this 1st edition copy, printed in 1647
Please be in contact for details, payment and shipping arrangements.
Email: inquire@hartonginternational.com
Tel. 847.380.2699

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Having just returned from England, I think it’s appropriate to mention one of my passions. Antiques are a visual and symbolic link to a bygone era. They tell a story of how life was experienced in decades and centuries past. I find it euphoric to come across an 18th century book from the Enlightenment or a bakelite encased 1950s radio. It’s the history behind the object that intrigues me most. 

My favourite area to treasure hunt, happens to be the Cotswolds. The area is loaded with charming antique arcades, stuffed with Edwardian top hats, 400 year old farm tools, 18th century literature and vintage radios. The Cirencester Antique Arcade, Antiques at The George in Burford and The Old Ironmongers Antiques in Lechlade are impressive examples of what to expect from such a shopping experience. Although, many of the antique shops are run by savvy dealers, I find the prices to be much more reasonable than posh large city shops.

There are less expensive ways to find antiques, but time is an issue when traveling. When I lived in the CotswoIds, I used to frequent auctions and charity shops throughout Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Many auction items can go dirt cheap. I have a pretty good idea of what to pay, from having researched similar collectables. Even with the exchange rates being unfavourable for North Americans, dollars still go pretty far in vintage goods. Many items are also much rarer in the USA, meaning they are also more valuable when you bring them home.  

You don’t have to plan on traveling overseas for that set of 18th century, 1st edition novels, there are many exceptional Chicagoland shops to explore. Logically, you find an abundance of antiques from the late 19th and 20th century in America. 1940s-1950s furniture and other utilitarian household objects seem to be more available in North America.  You can still find plenty of gold speckled formica covered, steel framed kitchen tables.

My favourite Evanston antique shop is, Secret Treasures, located on Dempster Street and Chicago Avenue. Most of the items you will find here date from the 1920s to 1950s. You might even find a 1950s Radio Flyer Wagon or an original 1940s military issued Hamilton watch. It’s always an uncertainty to see what might appear, which is half the fun.

Here’s a mention of the Dempster Street shopping area in Time Out Chicago.

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Recycling has spawned a whole new way to think about furniture.  Secondhand elements are an increasingly smart and trendy way to tackle the problems of a throwaway society.  The things we tend to think of as garbage, are in fact able to be reshaped and turned into newly designed chairs, tables and etc..  It’s not just plastics but wood, paper and fabric too.  Click here for more from The Wall Street Journal.

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If you are looking for a contemporary kitchen design built with exceptional quality on a budget, the simplistic Bulthaup b1 line is for you.  Having refined taste doesn’t mean you need to have a limitless bank account. For those familiar with the design firm, Bulthaup was once reserved for households with high disposable incomes. b1 is a new design for 2008 and is geared towards a wider range of budgets without any sacrifice to the firms philosophy and design prowess.

Having seen much of the Bulthaup product range, there is a refinement of detail often not seen in other product designs. The drawers feel well engineered and glide nicely.  The materials work well to create a tight fit and finish, giving it a bespoke look and feel. The clean linear qualities are elegant and simple, like most of the Bulthaup design range. A white kitchen makes it blend into the architecture of the space, allowing for the furnishings to be as colourful as desired. It’s neutral looks make it suitable for many types of interiors. Here is a link to the Bulthaup website for more information.    

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our-cottage.jpg   our-cottage-1.jpg   our-cottage-2.jpg 

There are many “grade listed” character cottages in the Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire areas of England.  I found my Wisteria clad cottage after doing extensive searches online.  Our cottage was an early 17th century Cotswold stone cottage with a large closed off fireplace and a very well made wood burner in the centre.  It was really tastefully done.  The bathroom and kitchen were totally refurbished along with the lovely walnut flooring upstairs.  It was a perfectly charming property in a fantastic village with bustling Burford nearby.   I really miss the village and the surrounding areas.  Being so close to Oxford and London made it easy to commute while being able to enjoy country pubs, national trust properties and village fetes in the Summer.  The only thing missing was the convertible E-type Jaguar.  Nice to know the power of modern technology can link you to a 400 year old home.

Above, I have added a couple links to view properties like this.  Chris, good luck to you and Rene on your move back to Europe.  I hope this post is helpful.    

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