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Ever wonder the history or name of an architectural style?  Here is a guide to the most common styles in North America.

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A sign warmer weather is on the way, street cleaning starts up on April 1st.  Don’t be fooled into getting a ticket. Most Evanston home and condo residents park on city streets, which happens to be a huge revenue source for the City of Evanston. Play it safe and make sure to read the street signs. Memorize the cleaning schedule for your neighborhood.

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As winter begins to release it’s grip, the trees and shrubs start to show signs of new life. Here in the Chicago area, spring starts rather late. This makes it essential to think beyond your perennial beds as a complete landscape. Remember, plants are only part of the visual interest in a garden. It’s important to consider hardscaping, sculpture, pergolas and tasteful outdoor furniture. The idea is to create three season outdoor living space. Fortunately, awareness in the value of adding smart garden space to a home has caught on. Aside from the aesthetic qualities, a properly designed hardscape/landscape can create more usable square footage to a home.

Most homes consist of straight lines. The landscape and hardscape directly around the architecture should reflect the house. The objective is to gracefully link the house with it’s surroundings. A large property can take on curved lines further away from the home. Small urban properties should have lots of straight lines. They save space and reflect the surrounding urban environment. If you follow this basic design philosophy, your garden will take on an aesthetically pleasing shape.

For professional landscape garden design services, visit Watercolour Gardens.

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For ideas, plan a local trip to the world-class Chicago Botanic Garden or jump over the pond to the famous Chelsea Garden Show.

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