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July has turned out to be a fantastic month for planting a new garden. We’re having plenty of daytime sunshine and rain in the late night hours. There’s still a fantastic supply of plant material in the Chicago area nurseries and there will be until the end of September. Now is a great time to have a landscape planned and implemented. Although consistent watering is essential to keep any new planting vibrant and healthy this time of year.

Watercolour Gardens creates gardens on Chicago’s North Shore and throughout the entire city.  We offer a free initial consultation and work with many types of properties and budgets.  Having been educated at Oxford in a progressive manner of designing gardens, Jason Hartong can use his design philosophy and adapt to either a contemporary or traditional spaces.  Reflecting the character and style of the home in the landscape is essential to creating a lasting, pleasing impression.

Watercolour Gardens can be contacted at 847.380.2699 or visit www.watercolourgardens.com for more details.  We look forward to serving you.

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We all know the value of home improvement, but many homeowners overlook one of the most important factors in a homes worth. Landscaping can add significant value to a property. Start with a design that uses logic, to create usable outdoor space. Features are really important in landscape. Ponds, outdoor rooms, sculpture, fountains, terraces, distinctive trees, creative planting and tasteful paving are all important. Quality is a must. Skimping on detail and using cheap materials can actually detract from a homes value. Budget is important to focus on while in the planning stages and not when a project is already underway. It’s not cheap to have a designer landscape but neither is the cost of owning a home. So why not pay for it, enjoy it and see it as a worthy investment.

According to The Boston Globe, just having a landscape can add 12.7% to your property value. A sophisticated and functional garden can tack on 42% more to your home’s value.

Money growing in your garden

Mature plants, spacious patios, and other outdoor features can all add value to your property.

By Elizabeth Gehrman

“Show me your garden . . . and I will tell you what you are like,” wrote the English poet Alfred Austin in 1905. Today, the words might more aptly be “Show me your garden and I will tell you you’ll get more money for your house.” Up to 12.7 percent more, to be exact, according to a 2007 paper by Virginia Tech horticulturalist Alex Niemiera that brought together research from the previous decade. The factor that added most to a home’s value – up to 42 percent – was design sophistication. For more…..

Contact Watercolour Gardens for landscapes designed by an Oxford trained designer. Tel. 847 380 2699.

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Chicago in the 1920’s had many covert watering holes. Secret knocks. Rotating bookcases. There’s a lot of lore about these sinful places of hard liquor, philandering fedoras and loose women. The end of prohibition dried these places into the pages of history – at least one would think.

Hidden away in plain view, unobservant eyes might easily miss the entrance to a modern-day speakeasy. The Violet Hour, on Damen Avenue, is Chicago’s 21st century speakeasy. Great mixologists work delicately, creating drinks of historical accuracy and contemporary flavor. The entire environment has an impressive decor’, which brings a classic London club vibe to contemporary patrons. It’s a place of taste and old-fashioned rules. No phones and proper attire required. Philandering still encouraged.

The Violet Hour, 1520 North Damen Avenue, Chicago 60622.

For more about the 1920’s speakeasy, click here.

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There are healthy signs in the Chicagoland real estate market.  According to the Illinois Association of Realtors, pent-up demand and a tax credit drive, have pushed sales up 33.3% in the Chicago area, as of October ’09.  Statewide, numbers are also up in the double digits, at 24.2%.  These are encouraging signs for sales that have been on the decline over the last couple years.  Between the record low interest rates offered on mortgages and the tax incentives, buyers are stepping off the curb to take advantage of the buyers market.  For more on this latest trend, click here.

Interested in seeing what’s available in Chicago or the North Shore?  Call or email Jason Hartong of Prudential Rubloff.  Tel. 1.847.512.2781 or email. jhartong@rubloff.com

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