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If you’re looking for the perfect antique decorating piece for your home or a fantastic vintage phonograph, visit Hartong International.  We have a vast collection of antique and vintage items, including lovely original oil paintings.  Our focus is on Primitives, Edwardian, Georgian and Early American furnishings.  We also sell vintage electric fans, deco radios and various other vintage technology.  There will be more mid-century items offered in the near future.  We acquire our items from around North America and Europe.

For information contact:

Tel. 847.630.3102

Email: inquire@hartonginternational.com


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Here is a classic Bell System rotary dial phone, made by Western Electric. It’s in very good working condition. It’s from 1955 and has the “Madmen” look. It still has a nice shine, with only a bit of wear on the handle and various small scratches on the casing. The phone has the old phone number and street name printed on the center card. The entire phone has been throughly cleaned. The telephone cord is present and will plug right into the wall. Timeless design.

Offered at $50.- SOLD

Email: inquire@hartonginternational.com for details, payment and shipping arrangements

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The Togo, designed by Michael Ducaroy for Ligne Roset, in 1973

Conversation pits have been traced back to the 1950’s, but no one really knows where they originated. They began to take shape in California, during the late 1960’s, using the conversation pit name. The most common form of pit was an actual sunken living room, with low cozy togetherness furniture. It’s a concept that never died but was silent for a number of years.

More Recently, several well-known furniture design firms, including Ligne Roset, have advertised their 60’s and 70’s living room designs. Many of which, bring back the conversation pit’s cozy vibe.

It’s a design concept that has proven to be rather versatile, because it works well in many types of interior and exterior environments. Outdoors, the design trend has brought the cozy togetherness to the garden.  The conversation pit finds itself once again in the limelight as a feature that can be retro or contemporary.

For more on conversation pits in the garden, visit Watercolour Gardens.

Here is a link to Houzz, with an impressive photo collection of conversation pits from many decades past.

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Recycling has spawned a whole new way to think about furniture.  Secondhand elements are an increasingly smart and trendy way to tackle the problems of a throwaway society.  The things we tend to think of as garbage, are in fact able to be reshaped and turned into newly designed chairs, tables and etc..  It’s not just plastics but wood, paper and fabric too.  Click here for more from The Wall Street Journal.

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