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Notre Dame, Paris, circa 1930
  By Guy De Neyrac
The painting is of Notre Dame Cathedral, with a morning street scene in the foreground.  It appears to be painted just after a morning rain, as the clouds began to disperse, with a glimpse of sunlight. The artist focused his attention to the reflectiveness of wet pavement, using broad washes and loose pen outlining of the architectural elements.  It’s a restful scene of a usually busy avenue and Notre Dame.  There are a few loosely painted cars and a couple horsemen at the controls of a carriage.  The playful pen outlining is a trademark of Neyrac’s style.

The condition of the watercolour is excellent.  The title of the painting is seen on the bottom left and is signed prominently on the bottom right.  The watercolour is tastefully framed in a high quality limed wood frame, linen border and anti-glare glass.  The frame, glass and backing appear to be more recent than the 1930s.  The dimensions of the frame are approximately 25″x30.5″.
Many of Guy De Neyrac’s paintings go up for auction at Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonhams.


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On May 21st & 22nd, Central Street will host its annual garden fair. Located at Independence Park, just west of Green Bay Road on Central Street.  The hours will be from, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

There will be a huge selection of high quality perennials, annuals and garden ornamentation for your choosing.  Garden experts and enthusiasts will be on hand to answer your garden questions.

The event is associated with The Lincolnwood Garden Club of Evanston. Founded in 1929.

For details on garden design, visit Watercolour Gardens.

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Liz Tuckwell, a Chicago native, carved out a passion for painting while living in The Netherlands. She started with a potato knife and street-market oil paints. With her adopted city of Amsterdam and love of travel as a source of inspiration, her passion for painting grew. Since her return to Chicago in 2005, she has been busy working on several series of paintings, that can best be described as Abstract Expressionism.

Her latest painting series, titled The Garden, expresses meaning with washes of colour, words and collage elements combined. The series is available by commission, with custom messages available on request.

“Of my new garden series: The idea came to me / through me as a way to inspire others. For a long time I have felt that my art work did that without words, and it does – but this new series takes inspiration to a literal level and places ideas that are often forgotten, directly in front of the viewer.  Too often we fail to recognize our own individual beauty, tenacity, growth, never-ending strengths – sometimes we forget that we are uniquely amazing and carry within us all a garden of infinite possibilities.  With my new series I simply want to remind each individual that no matter how life may appear, they have within them endless potential and that they are basically perfect just the way they are right at this moment.  A message we all can be reminded of from time to time.”

For more, visit Liz Tuckwell’s website for a taste of her most current work.

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